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Thursday, 8 January 2015

#JeSuisCharlie ?

- definitely not!

[A Christian would never buy such a blasphemous magazine!]

These guys of CHARLIE HEBDO were not heroes but filthy and arrogant troublemakers beyond any imagination! Click on WHY NOT CHARLIE  These "dessinateurs" are/were also "terrorists" using their pencils in a wicked warfare against decency and Biblical morals.

This not something sucked from my thumb. Charlie Hebdo's lawyer Richard Malka says : "Dans chaque numéro de 'Charlie Hebdo' depuis 22 ans, il n'y en a pas un où il n'y ait pas de caricatures du Pape, de Jésus, de curés, ou de rabbins, d'imams et de Mahomet."

(In every edition of Charlie Hebdo since 22 years, there is not one where there wouldn't be caricatures of the Pope, Jesus, priests, rabbis, immams or Mohammed.)

It is a pity that innocent policemen should have died defending such blaspheming villains!

It is a tragedy that Charlie Hebdo has become a symbol of Western freedom!

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