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Saturday, 1 November 2014


May celebrities violate God’s decrees and laws? Should we stay silent?

The death of South African football star Senzo Meyiwa is horrible and should be condemned like all murders in that lawless country. (The very recent murder of yet another farmer and the rape of his 16 year old granddaughter once again remind us about the dark crime situation under the ANC government)

My topic is however not the evil of crime, but the evil of making heroes from people who don’t respect the Word of God! Senzo, a married man was killed when visiting his girlfriend. Indeed it doesn’t at all justify such a wicked deed, but we should not be silent about the sinful evil of abandoning one’s wife! We should deplore all sin and urge people to repent while there is still an opportunity. All the sudden deaths of the past week serve as a grim reminder, that death and judgement stand at the door! Were these facts mentioned at the funeral in Durban? Was the Gospel preached to the crowds? The Good News that saves from sin, also the sin of adultery?

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