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Friday, 4 September 2015


- has a message for Muslims and Christians

The image that shocked the world. The body of the toddler Aylan Kurdi washed ashore, face stuck in the sand, before being cradled in the hands of a police officer, has become a symbol of the plight of thousands of refugees trying to start a new life in Europe. His brother, Galip, and their mother, Rehen, also drowned. They were Kurdish Syrians fleeing the violence and destruction in their doomed homeland.

Much is being said about the unwillingness of at least some Europeans to take in the great and unprecedented waves of refugees. Very little is said about the reasons why these (mostly) Muslim people have decided to leave their Muslim homelands in the first place and the refusal of the richest Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia to give shelter to these unfortunate people in distress.

The Muslim world (as acknowledged by a Muslim himself) appears broken, economically, politically and morally and thus unable to take care of its own people, unable to solve its conflicts. The powerful Saudi Arabia (stocked with US arms) can persecute women drivers but stand with folded arms, incapable or unwilling to take on ISIS. Why? Perhaps it’s because they share the same violent faith, Islam the falsely labelled religion of peace, but in fact the religion of destruction and death!

My our Muslim friends consider their ways and beliefs and turn to the real Prince of Peace, Jesus our Lord! May true Christians (of whom there are not many in Europe) help them finding Him by showing compassion in these dark days!

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