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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


- reading between the lines!

The world and especially the western world is in a state of shock and anger about the deadly attack on the office of the French satirical magazine CHARLIE HEBDO. The perpetrators are thought to be radical Islamists and this is probably the case. Let's be clear - all acts of terrorism and murder should be condemned regardless of the source.

But, yes there is a BUT. Not all people who are raising their voices in condemnation now are aware that this magazine is a blasphemous magazine, which not only trampled on the feelings of Muslims, BUT also ridiculed our precious Saviour Jesus Christ in the most filthy way thinkable. We as Christians do not take revenge in the way some radical Muslims do because we are urged by the Bible to leave all revenge in the hands of the Almighty God himself! However, it is a fact that God does punish some sins even now here on earth, like in the case of king Herod who was devoured by worms. (Acts 12) It is also well known that God had used pagan nations to punish the disobedience and idolatry of His people Israel in Old Testament times.

Yes, the killings were caused by Muslim radicals, but we should be careful not to be shortsighted! There is a living God who will fight for his own honour and glory! He is not our playmate...but a consuming fire according to the letter to the Hebrews.

Ne vous y tromper pas : on ne se moque pas de Dieu. Dieu est un feu qui détruit. L’homme se récoltera ce qu’il aura semé! (Galates, Hébreux)

I condemn Muslim radicals, but I also condemn all blasphemy!  Charlie Hebdo is the main cause of its own destruction, digging a hole for itself! "L’homme qui creuse une fosse risque d’y tomber." - Proverbes

(vir kommentaar in AFRIKAANS, kliek op CHARLIE)

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