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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


- the rebuke received by the apostle teaches us something about the difference between the Gospel of Jesus and Islam.

[Condolences to all who are affected by the tragedy of Peshawar]

Friends in grief and sorrow, please consider: All over the world...Pakistan, Australia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya...the list goes on and on... The culprits : Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab... the common source and cause is obvious, radical Islam! But radical Islam is still Islam and rooted in the teachings of Mohammed. The horror of the tragic school killings in Peshawar (and please don’t forget the killing of 80 people at a church not so long ago) by the Taliban is now fresh in the mind. Some other facts are not so fresh in the mind :

There is little doubt that many Afghans who initially joined the Taliban movement were educated in madrassas (religious schools) in Pakistan.

Pakistan was also one of only three countries, along with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which recognised the Taliban when they were in power in Afghanistan from the mid-1990s until 2001.

It was also the last country to break diplomatic ties with the Taliban.

Although Pakistan has in recent years adopted a harder line against Taliban militants carrying out attacks on its soil, new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif - who was elected in May - has said talking to the militants is one of his priorities. (BBC)

Muslims worldwide and Pakistan itself (as a Muslim country) has a lot to answer for! I know, not all Muslims are radicals, but Islam in itself is a radical violent religion! It is a religion that has been propagated by the sword from the very beginning. Jihad is part of Islam! And at this very point the contrast with the teaching and conduct of Jesus Christ becomes very clear. When the apostle Peter tried to defend Jesus during his arrest in the garden by drawing his sword and cutting off the ear of Malchus, Jesus rebuked him : “Put your sword away!” (John 18:10,11) The kingdom of Jesus Christ was never to be promoted through violence! Jesus Himself went to the cross like a Lamb!

Yes, I know about the Crusades, about the Spanish Inquisition and many other deplorable acts of violence done in the name of Christianity. But these were done in clear disobedience to Christ’s teachings. He taught us to turn the other cheek and even love our enemies!


Muslims are by the way not my (or our) enemies. We see them as people in need of the liberating gospel (Good News) of Jesus! (just as all other people) The cruelty of Peshawar underlines this need in a shocking way! Please friends, consider the teaching of the Gospel (Injil)! Islam leads to destruction, here and now, but also to all eternity!


The Christian message (Gospel) is a clear alternative for revenge and bitterness. It is about hope en full forgiveness through Jesus... yes, even forgiveness for Taliban terrorists who repent and accept Him as Saviour!

Dear people of Pakistan, may you find strength in this time of sorrow. May you see the love of God showed by our Lord Jesus Christ! He invites you, NOW!

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