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Saturday, 31 January 2015


Jackie Selebi was convicted of corruption by a South African court. The friend of a drug trafficker. On the other hand, he was a renowned so called "freedom fighter" against apartheid. He has just been buried from the Moreletta DRC (NG Kerk) in Pretoria.

In a lavish overspending of words he is being praised as a role model for the youth of the corrupt new South Africa. What is the message the youth should take from this criminal's life? Corruption is OK as long as you are a member of a "liberation" movement? It's no surprise that moral values in South Africa have become as rare as rhinos... 

Read for yourself...  click SELEBI FUNERAL

South Africa has become a morally blind and dark country as never before... And the darkness is not caused only by ESKOM's incompetence...

Minister Dipuo Peters  :
"Through Comrade Jackie the SA Youth Congress (Sayco) was part of all the forums of the ANC... planning the demise of apartheid,.."  "I'm standing here to represent the youth who took the baton [from Selebi]."  (NEWS24)

Yes, we can see that the youth of South Africa took the corruption baton from Selebi ... we see it in the demise of municipal services, the corruption of the metro police, the culture of stone throwing and tyre burning.....

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