- voice of a Namibian Christian in obedience to the WORD.

Sunday, 28 June 2015



Last week by any standards was a momentous if not disastrous one. A week of satanic attacks one might venture to say. What come immediately to one’s mind are the jihadist attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia with its tragic loss of life. It’s indeed not difficult to see the devil and his lies acting through Islamic fanatics like ISIS or other similar groups. However the most far reaching and abhorrent move of the destroyer of souls was not accomplished by bullets or bombs but by a deceitful decision reached by a court. The US Supreme Court has ruled that same sex marriage is a legal right, a decision Pres. Obama hailed as a “victory for America.” No, Mr. President it was rather a victory for the devil and his accomplices in their ongoing attacks on the God given institution of marriage and thereby on God Himself.

But let me hasten to say that this victory though deplorable is an illusion. God and His Kingdom and decrees can never be defeated. These actions of Satan, whether by hateful Muslim jihadists or ungodly western activists are only the last convulsive agonies of a defeated foe. We look forward with anticipation to the coming of our Redeemer-King, Jesus Christ who will finally end al opposition to God’s rule and throw his enemies into the pool of fire. May God in the meantime grant us grace to stay true to Him even it means ridicule, oppression and persecution! Now is the time to stand firm, to pray and to reach out with love to the deceived masses with the glorious Gospel of God’s grace and forgiveness!

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